Foodnatics Privileges

Craviors grants Foodnatic users the privilege to create a profile page and search for food items offered by users who are classified as Cooks on the platform. It also allows Foodnatics the use of communication channels both to cooks and to Craviors management. 


Nutritional and Dietary Information

Foodnatics are responsible for communicating with cooks as to Nutritional and Dietary Limitations they may have as they enter into an agreement for the purchase of food. Craviors encourages Cooks to post nutritional information on the food they offer but in no way obligates them to do the same. 


Nature of Transactions

All transactions undertaken by Foodnatics on Craviors give rise to contracts between Cooks and Foodnatics upon acceptance of the Cook of the Foodnatic's order. 


Feedback to Cooks

Giving feedback to Cooks on the platform is encouraged. However, feedback must be reasonable and must only pertain to the quality and promptness of service received by the Foodnatic from the Cook. Offensive feedback will not be tolerated and may be grounds for the suspension of the Foodnatic's account on Craviors. 



Any dispute arising from transactions between Foodnatics and Cooks does not impose any liability on Craviors to take action to fix the same apart from providing a reasonable avenue for the Food and Cook to communicate.

Waiver of Liability

The User understands that the Platform only provides a venue for Cooks and Buyers to interact and that the Company is in no way involved in the production or distribution of the products sold herein. By using the Platform, the User agrees to hold the Company or of any of its officers, employees, affiliates, representatives, and agents free and harmless from any and all damages, expenses, or liability resulting from or arising out of the use of this Platform or any of the products purchased through the Platform.

A. Limitation on Liabilities for Negligence of Home Cooks and Third Party Couriers

Craviors exercises due diligence in vetting its home cooks. However, on the rare occasion of a circumstance beyond our control, the quality of the food may be impaired due to poor quality packaging used by the home cook or mishandling by the rider. In either case, Craviors is not liable to the buyer for anything beyond reasonable coordination/mediation with our vetted seller to resolve the dispute.

B. Limitations on Liabilities for Inclement Weather and Acts of God

Craviors enlists the services of third party couriers to get food from our home cooks and deliver it to our customers. Inclement weather or negligence on the part of the rider sent by the third party courier may impair the quality of food items purchased. In the event that a dispute arises, Craviors is not liable to the buyer for anything beyond reasonable coordination between the third party courier to resolve the dispute.

C. Limitations on Liabilities for Delivery of Fragile Food Items

Certain food items such as cakes and specialty deserts cannot be safely transported via a motorbike. These items are crafted for presentation and their appearance may not be retained after a lengthy trip on a motorcycle. As such, Craviors requires that these items be delivered by car. Car deliveries may be booked on the buyer's behalf by Craviors through a third-party courier.

If the customer is willing to take the risk, Craviors will send a liability limitation form by email to confirm that a rider will be used to deliver the food item instead of a car. In this case, Craviors and its home cook will not be liable for any damage to the appearance of the food item.

Please see more on general Terms and Conditions & Cash on Delivery rules by clicking the link below: