Cook Privileges

Cooks who register on the Craviors platform are given the privilege to create a profile as well as advertise and sell food items. Cooks are given the privilege to set a price point for their food items as well as the maximum quantity of food items they can offer. Cooks can also specify the locations which they will cater to. 


Cook Fees

Payments made by Foodnatics for food purchases on the Craviors platform will be remitted to the respective selling cook’s "wallet” on the platform (My Wallet). The amount remitted will be net of a small fee that Craviors will charge for the upkeep and use of its platform. The amount in the wallet will be withdrawable by the cook to any bank account he/she enrolls with the platform.


Cook Non-Compete Clause

No home cook may list different prices for food items on their social media pages or private websites. Craviors is a platform that showcases the home cook’s brand to a broad base. Lowering prices and going direct to consumer will be to the detriment of the platform. Any similar activity which undercuts Craviors will be dealt with severely, resulting in the removal of the home cook from the Craviors platform and the forfeiture of any earnings in favour of Craviors.


Home cooks ought not to include private contact details in their food deliveries. This encourages consumers to go direct to the home cook which is not in the interest of Craviors. To continue providing a quality platform for home cooks to showcase their wares, the upkeep of Craviors must be safeguarded.

Photo before Pick Up

Home cooks are required to furnish Craviors a photo of the food order prior to it being shipped for delivery to the customer. Craviors takes pride in the quality of meals offered to customers on the platform. This is required so that Craviors can have the opportunity to manage a consumer’s expectations and, if necessary, request rectifications in the order if the image does not adequately match what is advertised on the platform.



The Cook shall defend, indemnify, hold harmless, and insure the Company from any and all damages, expenses, or liability resulting from or arising out of, any negligence or misconduct on the part of the Cook, or from any breach or default of this Agreement which is caused or occasioned by the acts of the Cook.


Limitation on Liabilities for Negligence of Home Cooks and Third Party Couriers

Craviors exercises due diligence in vetting its home cooks. However, on the rare occasion of a circumstance beyond our control, the quality of the food may be impaired due to poor quality packaging used by the home cook or mishandling by the rider. In either case, Craviors is not liable to the buyer for anything beyond reasonable coordination/mediation with our vetted seller to resolve the dispute.


Platform Etiquette

Home cooks are required to follow SOP’s and other guidelines set forth by the Craviors platform. These include but are not limited to:

a) The Cook Obligations included in this document

b) Instructions sent to the home cook personally by management by email

c) Maintaining communication with Craviors throughout the processing of an ordering by updating the dashboard menu or getting in touch with Craviors if anything needs to be changed regarding an order.


Dashboard Checking

Home cooks should always check their dashboard and be aware when there are incoming orders. Craviors will not be held responsible for a cook’s inability to deliver on an order due to not checking their dashboard periodically. If the cook will be unable to check your dashboard based on the schedule you indicated on the Craviors platform for an extended period of time, kindly update your profile and send an email to to inform management of your situation.


 Cook Purchases

Cooks can purchase premium plans for the advertisement of their food on Craviors. Any errors in purchases may be addressed directly by Craviors staff at

Requirements for our Home Chefs / Cooks:

Cooks who apply for accounts on the Craviors platform are encouraged to submit the following documents:

- Business Permit from DTI

- Certification of Sanitation from the Local Government Unit


The following must be submitted by all cooks who apply to Craviors:

- Pictures of the food preparation area

- Identification Documents (Passport, Driver’s License, ETC)

These requirements are periodically checked by Craviors and based upon need arising from feedback from the Foodnatics on our site.

FDA Compliance

Cooks may not advertise any food item that is not in strict compliance with FDA regulations on prohibited substances.

Please click the link for our Terms and Conditions (Foodnatics).