We Value Your Delight

Craviors was made to bring joy to every foodnatic. We back that up by sparing no expense to ensure that every cook is vetted as best as we can. However, our cooks still operate independently from us. We can only vet the cleanliness of their facilities and their identities as of the time they submit documents to us. Craviors cannot assume responsibility for the non-performance of our cooks.

·      Craviors Home Cooks are INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS who solicit orders through our platform.

·      The contract of sale is BETWEEN THE HOME COOK AND YOU. This means that any breach of contract and restitution/refund must be settled between you and the home cook.

As a premise, it’s not acceptable to return food products. However, if the product delivered totally mismatch the product ordered, and that makes evident the non-performance of the order, the customer has the right to claim. Craviors can mediate between the customer and the seller. In the event that after claim it is an evident misuse from the seller, if the recipient or the recipient’s representative/s decide to return the shipment, the expenses shall be shouldered by the seller. If the dispute is questionable, extra expenses of shipping will be shouldered by the user. In such cases, the customer shall inform Craviors immediately after the delivery, without touching the food, stating the case and sending the proper evidence in order to address the issue to the seller and coordinate it. 

Your feedback will help us continue to make Craviors a better place for foodnatics and cooks alike. As such, we also encourage you to submit feedback for our cooks. Let us know what disappointed you so that we can address it and usher our cook into making things right. Let us know how our cooks delighted you, so we foster a culture of excellence on our platform.


We Value Your Passion

Craviors was created to showcase the passion of our cooks for cooking in the best way possible. As such, we want to make sure we provide you the best possible assistance in order for you to succeed.

If you’re not satisfied with your experience on our platform leaves much to be desired, send us feedback and we will move heaven and earth to make things right.

If you make an error in your purchase of " Get Featured" on Craviors, contact our support team at admin@craviors.com within 7 calendar days from your purchase and a full refund will be made to you subject to a brief review by our team.


Last updated: April 03, 2020