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About Lola Taba’s Tasteful Delights

I love to cook and bake.It is my love language for my family, loved ones, relatives & friends. My mother is my great influencer in cooking, I grew up seeing her cooks and eating delicious food made by her who is by the way the best home cook. Lola Taba was a name given to her by my cousins. I named my brand Lola Taba because I want to honor her in all the food that I will make and for the people to know my inspiration in cooking. Even though she is in heaven right now I know that she is so proud of me. I know my food is special because I put my heart on it. My mission is to make quality food over quantity. Above all I bring back all the glory to the Lord who gave me the ability to cook and share it with others. I love cooking Filipino dishes, baking cakes, pastries and pinoy delicacies


Filipino dishes Baking cakes & pastries Pinoy delicacies & desserts

Meals by Lola Taba’s Tasteful Delights

Cakes, Pastries, Themed Cakes
Cakes, Desserts, Pastries, Themed Cakes
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