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As a mom make-up artist and a go-getter, K' has a passion for the arts that she applies in her baking. Just like how the face is being ready to be a masterpiece, her hands in molding is as harmonious as farding. Everything she touches with her hands undoubtedly turns magical. Her love for sweets is definitely the motivation to share and offer her products to the public. K’ patisserie promises to ignite more relationships through her products and spread joy to each and every stomach it fills and every heart it satisfies. ♥


Best Sellers: Decadent Cake, Oreo Cookies and cream cake, Blueberry Cheesecake Other specialties include: Keto Brownies, Keto Loaf Bread, Red Velvet Cake, more flavors for cookies and brownies!

Meals by K' Patisserie

Cakes, Desserts, Pastries
Cakes, Desserts, Pastries, Themed Cakes
Cakes, Desserts, Pastries, Themed Cakes

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