Caffeine & Saccharine

About Caffeine & Saccharine

CASA which we all know as another word for a house, is also a contraction for Caffeine and Saccharine. Formerly keep’n sweets, we have rebranded our shop to offer not only scrumptous sweet delicacies, but as well as high quality cold brews. (Brewing soon) This combination will absolutely capture anyone’s sweet and caffeinated hearts. CASA is solely being handled by a fulltime employee, hence the weekend baking schedule. Baking in small amounts also ensures our utmost attention to quality and taste. We want to bring our customers the ultimate taste of homemade.


Banana Muffins, Old fashioned muffins, banana loafs, breads, cookies, cheesebread, and cold brew

Meals by Caffeine & Saccharine

Breakfast, Desserts, Kakanin / Native Delicacies, Pastries, Snacks
Appetizer, Desserts, Merienda, Pastries, Snacks
Appetizer, Desserts, Merienda, Pastries, Snacks

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